Office Building ADA Survey

Commercial Office Building ADA Survey Inspection:  Sample Project Fees 

UglyOffice BuildingCommercial Office Building ADA Survey Inspection sample project fees are for 2015/2016 within a 40-mile radius of Downtown Orlando, Florida.

Project sample fees include all public spaces, parking lots, sidewalks, restrooms, stairs, hallways, ramps, lobby, elevator, signage, cafe’s, cafeterias, outdoor sitting areas, exercise rooms, locker rooms and vending areas.  Any private office space that is unlocked and available for inspection on the scheduled inspection day may be included in the report. Any locked areas will not be inspected or included in the report.  Full service-restaurants and retail spaces will incur an additional fee. This sample price does not include warehouses and loading docks.

Commercial Office Building ADA Accessibility Inspection:  $5,000.00 base plus $0.50 per square foot under roof.
Commercial Office Building ADA Inspection Post Compliance Audit:   $2,500 base plus $0.25 per square foot under roof.
Parking Garage ADA Inspections, that serve the commercial office building,  are $1000.00 base plus $0.15 per square foot.
  • Additional Services:  Hourly + Expenses
  • All projects are priced on an individual basis.
  • Urgency,  special assessments, and other factors are may affect the overall fee.
  • Discounts might apply to newer properties built to the 2010 ADA.
  • Discounts might apply for multiple properties.
  •  Project Consultation:  Hourly + Expenses.
  • On-site consultation fees start at $500.  Travel, resources, expert consultants, follow-up and other items might apply.
  • Please contact us for accurate pricing for your individual project.



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