Retail ADA Inspection Survey

RETAIL ADA Inspection Survey: Sample Project Fees 

The sample Retail ADA Inspection Survey fees are for 2015/2016 for a retail store within a 40-mile radius of Downtown Orlando, Florida.

The Retail ADA Inspection Survey Public spaces may include:  valet, drop-off, parking lot, sidewalks,  service counters, restrooms, dressing rooms, aisles, signage, and all places for public access.  This sample price does not include warehouses and loading docks.

Service areas may be reviewed by Client request.  The Retail ADA Inspection Survey includes both the building and the grounds.

Retail ADA Inspection Survey: Start at $5,000.00 base plus $0.50 per square foot under roof.
  • Discounts apply for multiple store locations.
  • Discounts might apply to newer properties built to the 2010 ADA Code.
  • All projects are priced on an individual basis.
  • Urgency,  special assessments, and other factors are may affect the overall fee.
  • Project Consultation:  Hourly + Expenses
Post Retail ADA Inspection Survey Compliance Audit:   $2,500.00 base  plus $0.25 per square foot under roof.
Retail Parking garage ADA Inspection Surveys, that are part of the Retail ADA Inspection Survey, are billed at $1,000.00 base plus $0.15 per square foot.

On-site consultation fees start at $500.

Please contact us for accurate pricing for your individual Retail ADA Inspection Survey.

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