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Undercover Disabled Customer

Undercover Disabled Customer Experience

Great customer service is the easiest way  to gain loyal customers and avoid disability discrimination lawsuits.

Our ADA and customer service experts perform customized Undercover Disabled Customer shopping for corporate risk management teams.

A disability friendly retail or hospitality business understands the tremendous spending power of the aging and disabled consumer segment.

Our clients know that a disability-friendly business is a profitable business!

  • Do you know that 1 out of every 5 Americans lives with a disability?
  • Do you know that American  50+ seniors and people living with disabilities spend  over  $375 billion dollars each year?
Disabled Consumers spend money
Customers don’t buy products, they buy solutions and good feelings.

What does an Undercover Disabled Customer do?

  • ADA and customer service experts pose as an undercover disabled customer to investigate how your staff reacts to unusual requests, service dogs, people with, seniors and other potentially awkward situations or unfamiliar requests.
  • ADA and customer service experts explore your business as a person living  with a disability.
  • ADA and customer service experts note obvious areas of non-compliance with the 2010 ADA Code and areas where Universal Design could improve the guest experience.
  • ADA and customer service experts  look for ways to improve your customer’s experience.
  • ADA and customer service experts  target specific employees as requested.
  • ADA and customer service experts   work with a business’s existing cameras.  We do some audio and video recording.  We provide a written report.

Who Hires an Undercover Disabled Customer?

Franchise Corporate Risk Managers for Resorts, Cruise Ships, Hotels, Lodging Facilities, Bed & Breakfasts, Conference Centers, Retail, and Restaurants hire our team of ADA experts for disabled consumer mystery shopping.

RESORT PROPERTY: Sample program and fees for an Undercover Disabled  Customer

Our accessibility experts experience your facility as a pair of disabled  50+ guests with or without a service dog for three days and two nights.  Fees start at $5,000 for the overnight resort experiences for projects within a 40-mile radius of Downtown Orlando, Florida.

  • The experience includes:
    •  Pre-planning meetings with the client.
    •  A written report with photographs, staff names, recommendations.
    • Audio and video recordings are included when appropriate.
    • A follow-up meeting to review the report with the client.
  • All travel fees, guest rooms, meals, parking and rental medical equipment fees are provided by the client.

Note:  Undercover Disabled Customer Shopping Experiences are fully customizable for a Clients needs.  Please call to discuss your project and a custom proposal.

 What does the Resort SAMPLE Undercover Disabled Customer do when they review a facility?


Shouldn't all families enjoy their vacation?
Shouldn’t all families enjoy their vacation?
  • Our ADA accessibility and customer service expert meet with the Client to determine  specific areas of concern.
  • During our initial reservation call, we explain the accommodations we need and request an accessible room.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest lets the reservationist know that we are renting medical equipment that we need in our room upon arrival.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest requests an adjoining room for our companion.
    • The Undercover Disabled Guest orders a Hoyer Lift to transfer to the bed, a shower chair and some other rented durable medical equipment from a local supplier.
    • The Undercover Disabled Guest reviews the arrival and check-in process to see if our requests were met.
    • If a transportation shuttle is available,  the Undercover Disabled Guest takes the shuttle to see how wheelchairs and service dogs are handled.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest surveys parking lots and all outdoor areas.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  reviews valet parking and accommodations.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  reviews check in experience.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest reviews information for Service Dogs and their relief area.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  verifies that all of the accommodations are accessible.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  verifies that all special request are met.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  experiences all of the resort amenities including pools, spas, guest computer room, exercise room, guest laundry, restaurants, bars, game rooms, retail, coffee shops, salons, docks, water transport and all other amenities.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  requests to apply for employment using a resume that meets all of the qualifications for a specific open position.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  requests a meeting with the human resources person at the resort to discuss possible employment.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  makes pre-planned specific requests from a variety of staff members.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  might request to switch rooms or look at other rooms that might better meet their needs.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  orders a special room service meal and makes special requests from housekeeping.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  targets key staff  for pre-planned specific requests.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest is available to attend events  in banquette facilities.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  is available to attend specific corporate events or conventions.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  creates some unexpected customer service situations for staff and reports what we find.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  does a general review of the facility for architectural ADA compliance to gain an overall idea  of items that need to be addressed.
  • The Undercover Disabled Guest  prepares a written report to present to the Client.


Do you know that 50+ Senior ladies enjoy traveling and shopping? 

This trio of retired single ladies dine out several times a week and enjoy three 7 to 10 day International cruises each year!


 They want to spend their money enjoying every minute of their lives.


They are web savvy. They research and they review their experiences on-line!


Do you want their business?

Many disabilities are hidden, yet they still impact the way a customer functions in your venue.

If a senior or disabled customer feels welcome, they will stay longer, spend more, become a repeat customer and recommend you to their friends. If you offend them, they will let all of their friends know.

Less than 5% of disabled consumers use a wheelchair.

A combination of bad in-store customer service experiences and the ease of accessible websites for on-line shopping has decreased brick and mortar sales. Now, more than ever before, in-person customer service matters.

People enjoy a friendly retail experience.

Shopping is NOT about products.  It’s about finding a solution and feeling good.

Please call Susan, 407-310-3663 at Disability Smart Solutions to discuss your business and the different Disabled Mystery Customer experiences available.  You may also contact us by email for more information. 

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