Hotel ADA Accessment

Sample Fees for a Hotel ADA Accessibility Survey 

HotelThe sample project fees are for 2015 within a 40-mile radius of Downtown Orlando, Florida.  Services as described above.

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  1. Hotel ADA Accessibility Inspection Survey: Sample Project Fees “B”:  101 to 149 rooms, up to 3 floors
  2. What is included in an “ADA Accessibility Inspection?”
  3. What is a “Project Consultation?”
  4. What is a “Post-ADA Inspection Compliance Audit?”
  5. What are “Additional Services?”
  6. What are the tax credits to offset the cost of access expenditures?

Hotel ADA Accessibility Inspection Survey: Sample Project Fees :  101 to 149 rooms, up to 3 floors

Public spaces may include: valet, drop-off, lobby, check-in desk, concierge, elevator, guest area for breakfast and coffee, meeting rooms, all public areas, exercise room,  guest laundry, guest vending, guest business area, pool, pool cabana, play area, dog walk area, parking lot, and sidewalks.

  • ADA Accessibility Inspection:  $10,000.00
  • Project Consultation:  Hourly + Expenses
  • Post-ADA Inspection Compliance Audit:   $5,000.00
  • Additional Services:  Hourly + Expenses
  • Note:  All actual projects are priced on an individual basis.
  • See notes below.

NOTES:  SAMPLE PRICING is shown are for hotels with limited amenities as listed.

  • Inspections include both the building and the grounds.
  • Expert Witness services are not included in the report fees.
  • Note: All actual project fees are calculated on an individual basis.
  • Travel fees apply for inspections outside a 40-mile radius of Downtown Orlando, Florida.  Please contact us for accurate pricing for your individual project.
  • Discounts apply for multiple property agreements.
  • All projects are priced on an individual basis.
    • Urgency,  special assessments, and other factors are may affect the overall fee.
    • Discounts might apply to newer properties built to the 2010 ADA Code.
  • We consider the hotel amenities when we provide estimates for larger resort properties.
  • Additional amenities might include:  Service areas, offices, ballrooms, restaurants, bars, retail, spas, beauty salons, casino, gambling and gaming rooms, recreation rooms, large business centers, playgrounds, multiple pools, docks, fishing piers, boat rental facilities, golf courses, putt-putt golf, video gaming rooms, theaters, training centers, tennis courts, sports courts, locker rooms, training centers and employee areas.
  • Why do we charge for multiple floors, when the accessible guestrooms are on the first floor?  
    • Every area of the hotel property that is accessible to any guest (public) must meet the ADA Code.  We are only reviewing the public spaces and not inside the guest rooms on the additional floors.

ADA Inspection Services and Procedures 

ADA Accessibility Inspection

  1. Review the Type of Place of Accommodation.
  2. Review any existing plans.
  3. Review any corporate directed policies or standards.
  4. Review any existing ADA litigation regarding the Clients facility
  5. Discover the age of the facility and which codes were followed
  6. Review the locations of multiple facilities.
  7. Create an individual ADA Accessibility Inspection plan based on the size and type of facility, prior to the scheduled physical inspections.
  8. Walk-through the facility with the Clients representative to review any accessibility areas of concern.
  9. Perform a detailed inspection of all areas of the Clients facility that are included in the 2010 Code.  This includes parking lots, outdoor spaces, and all buildings.
  10. The ADA Accessibility Survey Report or ADA Transition Plans include measurements, photographs, and documentation of both the existing condition and the 2010 ADA Code standard for each area.
  11. Provide an ADA Accessibility Survey Report or ADA Transition Plan with all of the information from the inspection with diagrams and recommendations.
  12. Recommend additional accessibility change, when observed, that go  beyond the ADA Code to increase ease-of-use.
  13. Review the ADA Accessibility Survey Report with Client and Key Staff.

Project Consultation

  1. On-site consultation fees start at $500 for questions and answers on-site without a written report.  Please contact us to discuss your situation and concerns. Travel, resources, expert consultants, follow-up and other items may apply.
  2. Expert Witness fees are $2500 per day plus travel expenses.  All court cancellations or delays are billed at the daily rate.  There are NO refunds for the reserved time.
  3. Travel fees apply for inspections outside a 40-mile radius of Downtown Orlando, Florida.  Please contact us for accurate pricing for your individual project.
  4. The ADA Inspector is available to all team members for questions and answers regarding the ADA Accessibility Survey Report.
  5. Review or recommend local State Licensed Architects and Engineers, when construction documents are required for renovation compliance work that requires a building permit.
  6. Review bids for construction documents.
  7. Review construction documents to verify that all 2010 ADA Code concerns are addressed.
  8. Consult with the Clients preferred Architect and/or Engineer.
  9. Review or recommend State licensed Building Contractors to implement the construction.
  10. Consult with the Clients preferred Building Contractor.
  11. Consult with Paving Contractors for parking lot ADA compliance
  12. Consult with Signage Supplier.
  13. Available to answer maintenance staffs questions when they are making the compliance upgrades.
  14. Recommend or review resources for compliance items.  Examples: signage, grab bars, alarms, pool lifts.
  15. Address any concerns during the compliance phase.
  16. Meet wit a Clients legal team regarding anything that  they might need for litigation.

Post-ADA Inspection Compliance Audit

  1. Review, photograph, measure and document the completed accommodation changes to verify that they are all completed correctly to the 2010 ADA code. Provide an ADA Accessibility Post Compliance Audit Report.
  2. Provide a document to Client indicating all areas of compliance and non-compliance.
  3. Review any newly built areas that were not addressed in the original ADA Accessibility Survey Report.
  4. Provide documentation for the Clients legal team if required.

 Additional Services

  1.  Inspect multiple facilities, locations or franchises for 2010 ADA Compliance and accessibility areas of concern.  For example: inspect all of a National Brand Retail Store Outlets in Florida to verify that all of the stores are in compliance.
  2. New Urbanism:  Inspect cities, developments and parks for accessibility and walkability.
  3. Consult with Owners of Historical Buildings regarding what they can do to make their building compliant without negatively impacting the architectural integrity.
  4. Inspect facilities for additional Universal Design solutions.
  5. Inspect facilities for Sensory Concerns that might have a negative impact on the comfort of the building users.  Example: sounds, smells, and temperature.

Tax credits to offset the cost of Access Expenditures

A special tax credit is available to help smaller employers make accommodations required by the ADA.

  • An eligible small business may take a tax credit of up to $5,000 per year for accommodations made to comply with the ADA.
  • The credit is available for one-half the cost of “eligible access expenditures” that are more than $250 but less than $10,250.
  • A full tax deduction, up to $15,000 per year, also is available to any business for expenses of removing qualified architectural or transportation barriers.
  • Expenses covered include costs of removing barriers created by steps, narrow doors, inaccessible parking spaces, restroom facilities, and transportation vehicles.
  • Additional information discussing the tax credits and deductions is contained in the Department of Justice’s ADA Tax Incentive Packet for Businesses.
  • More information about the tax credit and tax deduction can also be obtained from a local IRS office, or by contacting the Office of Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service.

ADA Consulting for Architectural Barriers