Non-Handicap able hotel bath

The Disabled Hotel Guest in a Non-Accessible Room

The Disabled Guest in a Non-Accessible Hotel Room

Have you ever wondered what happens in a non-accessible guest room when a person with a wheelchair needs to use the toilet? Disabled hotel guests often have to create their own accommodations.  Is that something any responsible hotel operator wants at their facility?

Kristen, a LI Paraplegic born with Spina Bifida, created  Living Able on Facebook and YouTube to demonstrate how she transfers, does daily tasks and makes her own accommodations in a sometimes non-accommodating world.  She offers tips for people living with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities.

I believe that every facility owner should watch her videos in order to understand what they are doing to people living with disabilities by not providing enough accessible hotel rooms that meet the new 2010 ADA Code for accessibility.  Every hotel owner needs to demand that all request for an accessible room be honored.  Reservationists need to be trained to ask clients requesting an accessible room, what request they might have for a comfortable stay.   I am honored to share Kristen’s video.

Hotel Guest Transferring to Toilet in a Non-Accessible Room

In the video, Kristen’s wheelchair does not fit through the toilet room door.  There were no available accessible rooms in the hotel where she was staying during a business trip to Nashville.  She had to stay in a non-accessible hotel room.  Kristen is an independent woman who is used to making her own accommodations.  She uses the rolling desk chair from the business center to get into the bathroom and to transfer to the toilet.   There are no grab bars.  She has to hold onto the sink, the door, the door knob and the  wall to balance herself.  As I watched her video, I was holding my breath hoping that she didn’t fall.  Kristen is a young Living Able person, but what happens when an older or weaker person is in the same situation?

  • As a hotel owner, what liabilities are you exposing yourself to in this situation?
  • What happens if a disabled hotel guest falls?
  • What is stopping you from providing simple room accommodations to engage more aging guests and disabled hotel guests?

Find Kristen on Facebook and Living Able  

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