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ADA accessible Mirror: FAIL

Help!  I can’t see myself! ADA accessible Mirror FAIL!

A few nights ago, I was sitting on the potty in the accessible restroom at a classy private club.  I looked over at the ADA accessible mirror and realized that the bottom of the glass was at least 52″ above the floor. The required accessible mirror was more than a foot higher than the ADA 2010 Code rule.  I took the photo of the ADA accessible mirror while sitting down.  At 66″ tall when standing, I still needed to stretch a bit to check my lipstick.

I am not writing this to “out’ any business.  I just want to make the point of how small, often overlooked things can impact the life of a person living with a disability.

Just because your architect designed your building to meet the 2010 ADA codes, does not mean that it was built and furnished to code!

Private Clubs that allow non-members to attend functions, are not exempt from the Americans With Disabilities Act rules for Places of Accommodation.  Accessible restrooms must meet the ADA code requirements for dimensions, including each ADA accessible mirror at each accessible sink. Please see the diagram below for ADA restroom fixture code dimensions.

Even thought the club recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, having a small decorative mirror was someone’s  priority over providing a code compliant accessible mirror.  An ADA accessible mirror does not need to be ugly.  It just needs to be low enough for a person sitting in a wheelchair or a person of short stature to see their own reflection.

Why doesn’t at this business realize that situations like this provide a basis for someone with a disability to sue the business and the building owner for ADA compliance?

At Disability Smart Solutions, we work with businesses and building owners to survey their properties to ensure that they have all of the information they need in order to correct all areas to meet ADA compliance.  In 2013 the 2010 ADA Code became law in Florida.  Please give us a call.

It pays to have an impartial ADA Consultant inspect your business for code compliance.

In 2013,  Florida was one of the leading states in the total number of ADA discrimination lawsuits for architectural barriers.

Please read our article, “Top 10 Reasons for Access Violations,” for more information about areas where your business might FAIL for ADA compliance.