Beach Access Photo

ADA Beach Pier, Can’t move the sand!

Beach Access Photo

Fishing piers must meet the 2010 ADA Standards and the 2012 Florida Accessibility Code for Building Design. Beach sand is not in the Codes.  Beach Sand is owned by the State of Florida.

Our condominium clients hired our Disability Smart Solutions team to provide a compliance inspection report as a basis for their compliance action plan.
We inspected for both the ADA and the 2012 Florida Standards for Accessible Design. This pier is one of the oldest remaining PRIVATE oceanfront piers.
This Condo Board is diligent in maintenance and wanting to meet or exceed ADA Standards.
If allowed, they would clear the sand off of the ramp as daily maintenance.
By beach laws (no specific reference), nature moves the sand and as a private entity,they may not move the sand.

The more ADA Site Inspections we perform, the more conflicts we witness between Codes.

Some of the Accessibility upgrades for this Fishing Pier include adding hand rails, adding an accessible bench and accessible adjustments to the gate latching system.
A new wheelchair accessible fishing spot is in the works for the center of the ocean end.
Any thoughts?