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ADA Tax Credit

ADA Tax Credit for Compliance Improvements to Commercial Properties

Tax credit to offset the cost of Access Expenditures

A special ADA tax credit is available to help smaller employers make accommodations required by the ADA.  The information on this page is from the Department of Justice.

  • An eligible small business may take an ADA tax credit of up to $5,000 per year for accommodations made to comply with the ADA.
  • The ADA Tax Credit is available for one-half the cost of “eligible access expenditures” that are more than $250 but less than $10,250.
  • A full tax deduction, up to $15,000 per year, also is available to any business for expenses of removing qualified architectural or transportation barriers.
  • Expenses covered include costs of removing barriers created by steps, narrow doors, inaccessible parking spaces, restroom facilities, and transportation vehicles.
  • Additional information discussing the ADA tax credits and deductions are contained in the Department of Justice’s ADA Tax Incentive Packet for Businesses.
  • More information about the tax credit and tax deduction can also be obtained from a local IRS office, or by contacting the Office of Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service.

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