ADA Parking Survey in Florida. Measuring the cross slope of a parking space. Disability Smart Solutions.

ADA Inspections

ADA Accessibility Inspections 

ADA Consultant, Susan Berry, 407-310-3663, Disability Smart Solutions

Our ADA Inspections cite the specific codes, photo each area, field measurements, and solutions, documenting all building and site elements that require ADA compliance.

The ADA Inspection Report provides all of the information that the business or facility manager needs in order to bring their facilities into compliance.

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

1991 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

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Our ADA Experts work with business owners, building owners, ADA Coordinators, Realtors, facilities managers, risk managers and property managers to ensure that both their employees and their customers have a safe and accessible experience.

There are ADA Tax Credits for removing architectural barriers to accessibility.

We work in all phases of a facilities life cycle.  Preliminary architectural design ADA consulting, architectural plan reviews, interior FFE specification ADA Reviews,  pre-occupancy ADA Audit,  post occupancy ADA Audits, and facilities in ADA Architectural barriers litigation.

Accessible Main Street consultation. Measuring curbs and assuring equal access for people with disabilities. Tom Berry, Access Consultant. Disability Smart Solutions

Our accessibility services focus on Resort, Hotel, Motel, Casino, RV Camping Resorts, Restaurant, Retail, Bed & BreakfastCommercial Office Buildings, Parking Lots, and  Historical Main Street markets.

All ADA inspections are priced based on an “Individual Scope of Work,”  which includes the following:

    • Facility size and type
    • Number of buildings and floors
    • Business Type
    • Buildings age and renovation dates
    • Current litigation
    • Travel distance from Orlando
    • Time Frame Urgency
    • Specific services requested

Disability Smart Solutions is located in the Orlando, Florida area. Accessibility services are available throughout the USA. International Clients are considered on an individual basis.

Our team of experienced ADA Consultants have the knowledge, innovation, imagination and collaborative partners to create successful accessible business solutions.

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Why should you survey your facility for ADA architectural barriers compliance?

It’s the Law!   Save money!   Gain  customers!

Accommodate All, Serve All
A business that appreciates their customers and employees accommodates them.

Many business owners assume that their business is accessible or exempt by a “grandfather loophole.”

Under the current law, once a lawsuit is filed, there is NO official “grace period” to fix accessibility issues.

Our ADA experts survey a facility for compliance all applicable Codes showing the business owner all of the architectural barriers in their facility along with solutions.

  • Prior to 2010, many states and cities followed their own version of the ADA Code, resulting in 95% of USA Places of Accommodation being non-compliant.
  • It does not matter when a facility was built. The ADA is very specific that all Places of Accommodation MUST comply with the ADA Standards to the extent possible.
  • Business owners, building owners, facility managers, risk managers and property managers trust Disability Smart Solutions to ensure that both their employees and their guests have a safe and accessible experience.

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Tom Berry, ADA Consultant. ADA Inspector in a non compliant public restroom. Inspections for ADA Compliance.
Tom Berry, ADA Consultant. ADA Inspector in a non compliant public restroom. Inspections for ADA Compliance.

Save Money!  An accessible business that meets or exceeds the 2010 ADA Laws both avoids discrimination lawsuits and increases customer loyalty.

Disabled Consumer
Why us? Our ADA Consultants and Accessibility Consultants always put the disabled customer first. When we create Smart, Safe Solutions for them, we increase your consumer base.

Disability Smart Solutions ADA Survey gives a business owner a detailed “action plan” with photos, field measurements, codes, diagrams and what is needed for compliance.  The document is an organized tool to implement an ADA compliance action plan.

Florida, California and New York are the top states for ADA accessibility lawsuits.  People with disabilities are exercising their civil rights by filing and winning architectural barrier discrimination lawsuits against both businesses and facility owners.

        • Any person with a disability may sue any business or building owner for an architectural barrier civil rights discrimination.
        • People with disabilities become frustrated when they can not access a restroom, an employee discriminates, a service dog is denied or they can not access the areas of a business that they paid to use.
        • ALL legal fees are the responsibility of the business and building owners.
        • Settlements often cost business owners anywhere from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations.
        • A San Diego law firm, which specializes in disability-access issues, said the average settlement for ADA lawsuits is $45,000.
        • A Noe Valley Merchant’s Association reported that the average cost of settling a lawsuit out of court was listed as $24,000.
      • Federal tax law allows business owners to receive a tax credit for the removal of barriers and for new equipment that helps disabled customers or employees.

Gain Customers!   Capture the Economic Power of the Disabled Consumer and the 50+ Senior Consumer.

Businesses that want to remain relevant in the ever-changing marketplace, must implement diversity and inclusion strategies throughout their corporate structure. People with disabilities are the largest “ever growing” minority in America.

Women 50+ years old are the larges consumer base in the US for leisure travel, shopping and restaurants.

According to the 2010 US Census Bureau,  1 in 5 people has a disability in the United States.  Those 54 million consumers represent $1 trillion in aggregate income, that translates into more than $220 billion in discretionary spending power!

  • Baby Boomer women spend $20+ billion annually on clothes.As a whole, women over the age of 50 have a combined net worth of $19 trillion.
  • 55+ seniors spend $400 billion more than younger generations each year on consumer goods in restaurant purchases, personal care, entertainment, and gifts.
  • 67% of seniors 65+ and 60% of Americans 50-64 live with a chronic disease.
  • Baby Boomers on average, visited 220 restaurants last year, the highest of any age bracket.
  • Seniors 50+ will control 70% of all disposable cash in the US.
  • By 2022,  Baby Boomers will have inherited $15+ trillion.
  • 24.3% or 77+ Million Americans, representing 80% of all tourism dollars spent, are Baby Boomers age 50+.

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