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ADA Audits for Hotels and Resorts

ADA Audits for Hotels and Resorts

Accessibility Inspection Services for Casinos, Resorts,  Hotels, Motels and RV Parks.

  1. Review the Type of Place of Accommodation.
  2. Review any existing plans.
  3. Review any corporate directed policies or standards.
  4. Review any existing ADA litigation regarding the Clients facility
  5. Discover the age of the facility and which codes were followed
  6. Review the locations of multiple facilities.
  7. Create an individual ADA Accessibility Inspection plan based on the size and type of facility, prior to the scheduled physical inspections.
  8. Walk-through the facility with the Clients representative to review any accessibility areas of concern.
  9. Perform a detailed inspection of all areas of the Clients facility that are included in the 2010 Code.  This includes parking lots, outdoor spaces, and all buildings.
  10. The ADA Accessibility Survey Report or ADA Transition Plans include measurements, photographs, and documentation of both the existing condition and the 2010 ADA Code standard for each area.
  11. Provide an ADA Accessibility Survey Report or ADA Transition Plan with all of the information from the inspection with diagrams and recommendations.
  12. Recommend additional accessibility change, when observed, that go  beyond the ADA Code to increase ease-of-use.
  13. Review the ADA Accessibility Survey Report with Client and Key Staff.
  14. The ADA Inspector is available to all team members for questions and answers regarding the ADA Accessibility Survey Report.
  15. Review or recommend local State Licensed Architects and Engineers, when construction documents are required for renovation compliance work that requires a building permit.
  16. Review bids for construction documents.
  17. Review construction documents to verify that all 2010 ADA Code concerns are addressed.
  18. Consult with the Clients preferred Architect and/or Engineer.
  19. Review or recommend State licensed Building Contractors to implement the construction.
  20. Consult with the Clients preferred Building Contractor.
  21. Consult with Paving Contractors for parking lot ADA compliance
  22. Consult with Signage Supplier.
  23. Available to answer maintenance staffs questions when they are making the compliance upgrades.
  24. Recommend or review resources for compliance items.  Examples: signage, grab bars, alarms, pool lifts.
  25. Address any concerns during the compliance phase.
  26. Meet with a Clients legal team regarding anything that  they might need for litigation.

Post-ADA Inspection Compliance Audits

Our team of ADA Consultants has the knowledge, innovation, imagination and collaborative partners to create successful accessible business solutions. Please contact us to review your individual needs. 

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