Bella, A Deaf Alert Service Dog. Australian Kelpie. Calm, intuitive and always alert. Photo by Susan P. Berry

Service Dog Workshops

Service Dog ADA Workshops

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Disability Smart Solutions offers Service Dog ADA Workshops to explain Service Dog Laws and how they may affect a business or place of Accommodation.  All of Disability Smart Solutions Workshops may be customized for conference breakout sessions,  20 minute luncheon speaker, lunch and learns, keynote speeches or any type of events.

Please review our page Speaker and Workshop Fees for information on the different types of speaking engagements offered and a list of bonus items for meeting planners.  All of our topics may be customized for your individual event.

Please visit our page ADA Speaking Topics for a full list and descriptions of all of the topics we offer.

Stay Out Of the Dog House:  ADA Service Animal Laws

Universal Design for Homes
All businesses must allow Service Dogs. It’s the Law.

Every day we hear news stories of businesses discriminating against a person with a service dog and the business owner believing it’s his right to deny service to anyone he chooses.  We created these service dog workshops to dispel the myths.  There are many myths about training certifications, Dog I.D.’s, therapy snakes, and service parrots.  Many businesses believe that they have the right to deny service to anyone they choose.

  • We dispel the myths and focus on the facts.
  • We give tips for engaging and not offending consumers who use Service Dogs.
  • We explain the  legal  difference and rights between Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals.
  • We provide customer service tools for successful interactions with Service Dog users and how to turn them into loyal customers.
  • With the right tools, a business can engage consumers with service dogs, increase their bottom line and avoid costly judicial discrimination lawsuits.
  •  A Service Dog is available as a trainer at this workshop if requested by the Client.

 All workshops are customizable for our client’s audience.  Please contact us for an individual consultation.

Understanding PTSD: The Role of a PTSD Service Dog and the LAW

PTSD Service Dogs have access by LAW!
PTSD Service Dogs have access by LAW!

We all hear the term PTSD thrown around in the media and many have misconceptions of how this disease, defined by a group of symptoms, impacts the ability for many people to interact in social settings the same way they did before they experienced a  life-changing trauma.

When hospitality and restaurant employees deny people with PTSD access with their service dog, it not only breaks judicial law and carries a steep fine, but it also negatively impacts the person.

  • In this class, we review service dog laws.
  • Ways to include and welcome guests with PTSD service dogs.
  • Review all of the symptoms of PTSD and how they impact  may impact a person’s daily life.

All workshops are customizable for our client’s audience.  Please contact us for an individual consultation.

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